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Oyster Bay belongs to the people

Joe Saladino, Oyster Bay Town Supervisor.

Joe Saladino, Oyster Bay Town Supervisor. Credit: James Escher

Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino wrote a letter to Newsday seemingly upset that Newsday reported the facts regarding $734,449 in pay hikes [“Oyster Bay is cutting costs,” Letters, Jan. 31].

Saladino declining to be interviewed to justify these pay hikes is troubling [“$734G in pay hikes,” News, Jan. 29].

His letter touted $4 million in savings as a result of the town having fewer employees.

How does he defend giving raises of 24 percent to Gregory Carman Jr., deputy town supervisor, and Richard Lenz, public works commissioner, a raise of 16 percent, both of whom were hired in February 2017? What great accomplishments have they achieved?

The town approved these and other raises under a personnel resolution not shared with the public. I think that elected officials keep forgetting that the town belongs to the people, and they work for us!

Thomas Hall, Farmingdale