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Letters: Park dumping raises suspicions

The Town of Islip has formally blamed Daytree

The Town of Islip has formally blamed Daytree at Cortland Square of Ronkonkoma, whose president Clara Datre is a long-standing political contributor and prominent business owner, for the dumping of construction material in Roberto Clemente Park in Brentwood. (Credit: James Carbone) Credit: Danielle Finkelstein

I've read several stories regarding the asbestos dumping in Clemente Park in Brentwood ["Testing debris," News, June 6]. Most have contained photos of someone from the district attorney's office examining the area or taking samples. I have yet to see one of these sample takers wearing a mask or respirator of any kind.

Mike Martino, Glen Cove

What surprises me most about the Town of Islip illegal dumping issue is that anybody is surprised. This is a textbook example of how too many businesses interact with elected politicians.

Campaign contributions are made with the unwritten expectation that either a policy will be enacted or an action will be taken that will boost profits. Neither of these things would have occurred without the contribution. Do we really think businesses spend large sums of money on politicians out of civic duty?

A business operates for one purpose: to make profit. For many, the goal is to increase profits by hook or crook. Those businesses that operate on the up-and-up really don't need to use their valuable resources on the political process. To quote an old investment bank phrase, they make money the old fashioned way . . . they earn it!

Craig Pratesi, Westbury