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Good Morning

Police body cameras worth a test

The Nassau County police union president does not support for a body camera pilot program due to begin Aug. 1 because he wasn't consulted beforehand ["Try body cams in Nassau," Letters, June 7]!

I didn't know the police commissioner and chief of the department had to run their decisions by the union president. It seems to me that union leader James Carver's logic and promise of legal action are a silly waste of time, union dues and taxpayer dollars.

We know every police officer doesn't do the right thing each and every day. Look at some of the incidents of misbehavior in Nassau County over the past five years. I haven't traditionally been a unilateral supporter of policing programs, but one of the much sought-after effects of a pilot project like this could be the restoration of public confidence and trust in the police.

What does the police union president say about that?

Louis Cook, Woodbury