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Police deserve praise, not reproach

David Laffer, charged with killing four people June

David Laffer, charged with killing four people June 19, 2011, in a Medford pharmacy, sent a letter to Commissioner of Jurors Michael O'Donohoe saying he could not serve jury duty. Photo Credit: Newsday Composite; Pool Photo, 2011 / Victor Alcorn

Regarding the letter that was "outraged" about the injuries of David Laffer, the suspect in the brutal murder of four people at the Haven Drugstore in Medford ["Trouble in drugstore murders," July 5]: My outrage is that you thought about him first instead of the four victims and their families who are suffering.

Any person who could execute four people that easily would probably not have much regard for the lives of the police officers who came to arrest him. Since you were not in the house, how do you know that he didn't try to attack the officers?

Laffer may, indeed, be sick, but he first had to be taken off the street.

Steven Bernstein, Wantagh

In the wake of the horrible murders committed in Medford, it is appropriate that we pay tribute to our police department in Suffolk County ["Anatomy of four murders," News, July 1].

These crimes had a profound effect on me, a community retail pharmacist and business owner less than 15 minutes from the crime scene. If not for the incredible work done by the officers and the detectives involved in this case, we would be living in tremendous fear.

That the Suffolk police made an arrest only three days after this heinous crime not only put pharmacy workers and the public at ease, it gave some much-needed solace to the victims' families dealing with the unimaginable grief of burying their loved ones.

Michael Nastro, Port Jefferson Station