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Police’s first job is to kill shooter

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano is seen during

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano is seen during a Nassau County Police Department graduation ceremony at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015. Credit: Barry Sloan

To answer columnist Joye Brown’s question in her column “Do ‘body bags’ comments go too far?” [News, July 25] is no. My comment at a fire department rally to support police is a statement of fact rather than a call to incite. If someone targets citizens, if they target police, they will go home in a body bag!

Terrorists have made it clear that their mission is to kill unarmed citizens and police. Residents must know that the first priority for police in an active-shooter attack is to kill the shooter. This policy is a departure from past procedures.

Through our active-shooter seminars, we are alerting citizens that police will first terminate the shooter, then attend to the wounded. Citizens are instructed to run, hide or fight — in that order. Do not try to negotiate or beg for your life because active-shooter history indicates you will likely be shot.

This is not pleasant news to deliver, but it is reality and provides the best odds for surviving. Be prepared, not scared.

Edward P. Mangano, Mineola

Editor’s note: The writer is the Nassau County executive.