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Pondering the politics of gun control

This photo made available by the San Bernardino

This photo made available by the San Bernardino County Sheriff on Dec. 3, 2015 shows assault weapons carried by the suspects involved in the mass shooting that left 14 dead and 21 wounded. Credit: EPA / SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY SHERIFF

On June 21, a letter writer commented favorably on Donald Trump’s meeting with the National Rifle Association to “consider commonsense bans on assault weapons” [“Will Clinton allow limits on abortion?”].

Why in the world would a candidate for president feel he had to meet with the NRA about his stance on regulations to limit access to assault weapons? Is he asking permission to alter his position? Is he being told what his positions are?

I have no objection to gun ownership, but I draw the line at gun ownership for felons, the mentally unstable, those on no-fly lists and people affiliated with terrorist organizations.

I’m a former basic-training weapons instructor, and I know which weapons can be fired at specific targets — deer, birds, rabbits or enemy combatants — and which are used to spray a hoard of attacking enemy troops, a crowd of schoolchildren or a group in a nightclub.

One should not need the help of the NRA to come to a decision on a rational position on gun regulations.

Arnold Holtzman, Plainview


“ ‘Give us a vote’ ” [News, June 23] captures the frustration of Democrats with the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, which blocked votes on gun-control legislation following the largest mass shooting in our country.

While Republicans referred to the Democrats’ historic sit-in on June 21 as a stunt, the larger issue looms.

The United States has more mass shootings than any other country in the world! While each massacre may temporarily reignite debate in Congress on gun control, our congressional representatives cannot seem to cease engaging in political nonsense and do their jobs.

Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Tucson, Newtown, Charleston, San Bernardino, Orlando. Which will be the next city in mourning?

Congress needs to take the National Rifle Association out of its pockets, listen to constituents, look in the mirror and vote! It’s past time for all sides to find basic common ground that leads to the first small step in reducing gun violence.

Elissa D. Giffords, Hicksville