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Letter: Poverty influences students' fates

Get back in the classroom this summer through

Get back in the classroom this summer through continuing education programs for adults. Photo Credit: iStock

It seems to be Newsday's odd assumption that somehow tenure has resulted in incompetent teachers working in low-performing -- that is, high poverty -- districts ["Challenging teacher tenure," Editorial, July 10]. And that all the "great" teachers are in high-performing -- that is, wealthy -- districts. Is the idea that if we could swap these teachers, there would be a miraculous reversal in test results?

Nothing could be further from the truth. Tenure has nothing to do with where a teacher works. While a "great" teacher -- who even knows what that really means? -- will certainly make some difference to some children, poverty and environment will always be the greatest influence for most children.

Robert Gerhardt, Huntington Station

Editor's note: The writer is a public school teacher.


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