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President’s bullying sets bad example

President Donald Trump listens during a meeting.

President Donald Trump listens during a meeting. Credit: AP / Evan Vucci

As a parent, grandparent and educator, I’m extremely concerned about the rhetoric coming out of the White House, especially from the president.

We work hard, on all grade levels, to eradicate bullying, cyberbullying and lying.

President Donald Trump recently called FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s wife a loser [“FBI Deputy Director McCabe retiring,” News, Jan. 30].

If the president can get away with it, why can’t the teen next door? If the president can bully people via Twitter, why can’t the high school student down the block do the same? Media throughout the nation have reported the various lies uttered by the president and his staff.

It used to be that the president of the United States was a unifier and an example of appropriate decorum.

I fear the change in our children if the president continues to act counter to the what we are trying to teach.

David J. Sills, Oceanside