When the police received the warning from Elliot Rodger's mother about his haunting video threatening to kill people, the police should have gotten a search warrant for any incriminating evidence in Rodger's home ["Deadly spree in California," News, May 25].

If a warrant had been issued, the police would have searched his home and would have gotten evidence of Rodger's intentions and his mental state. He would have been arrested, and no one would have been killed.

Douglass Robinson, Levittown

Once again we have a senseless killing spree. Do we think banning guns, knives and cars will keep this from ever happening again? I'll bet that foolish liberals and spineless politicians will call for more gun bans -- knives and cars, too!

Maybe we should ban poor parenting. In my opinion, whether on the high or low end of the economic ladder, depriving children of love, guidance and parental attention is the root of all this evil. It can be caused by too large a family for the budget or for the time available to give each child the necessary attention.

In some cases, neglect can come from outright selfishness and immaturity on the part of the parents. Out-of-wedlock births and teen pregnancy contribute to the problem.

All the money for education and laws to prevent these outrageous acts of violence are of no use unless we attack the real problem.

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Frank Grunseich, Deer Park