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Prorated fines would be class warfare

Nassau County parking ticket on Wednesday, May 4,

Nassau County parking ticket on Wednesday, May 4, 2011 in Mineola, New York. Credit: Howard Schnapp

The letter “Prorate vehicle fines based on income” [Just Sayin’, Feb. 17] was another example of class warfare.

The writer states that “parking and moving violations” should be based on individual wealth or income, and that a $25 parking ticket is significantly more costly to someone earning $25,000 than someone earning $500,000.

What’s next, my grocery bill should be higher because I make more money? Should I be charged more for my movie theater ticket or my garage spot or rent?

If a $25 fine for parking illegally affects someone more, then that person should be more careful.

The idea of charging a wealthy person more smacks of envy.

George A. Szarmach, Huntington Station