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Letter: PSEG: Customer satisfaction rising

The first fleet of PSEG logo service trucks

The first fleet of PSEG logo service trucks come out from the service yard to begin work under the new utility at National Grid in Hicksville on Jan. 1, 2014. Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr.

Newsday reported that PSEG Inc.'s scores on the American Customer Satisfaction Index went down because of the performance of PSEG Long Island ["PSEG hits lowest satisfaction mark," News, May 6]. The survey is very misleading. As we were quoted in the article, the survey basically compares apples and oranges.

We engaged further with ACSI and examined the data in-depth. The good news for our Long Island customers is that PSEG Long Island's score went up significantly year-over-year compared with the Long Island Power Authority's.

The data also show that PSEG's score among New Jersey customers remained the same year-over-year. Had ACSI not combined the two entities, PSEG's overall ranking would have remained the same, and the headline would not have reflected a decline in rank. More accurately, this year's survey provides a new baseline for a new entity -- not a decline for either company -- and we will work very hard to continue to show improvement in the coming year.

The people of PSEG Long Island have been working very hard to improve the customer experience for the people and businesses of Long Island. After nearly five months of operations and through multiple winter storms, we have consistently seen an improvement in our customer satisfaction levels as measured by third-party contractors.

Dan Eichhorn, Melville

Editor's note: The writer is the vice president of customer services for PSEG Long Island.