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Letter: Tax breaks for some, higher taxes for others

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The state comptroller published the number of jobs added after Long Island industrial development agencies grant tax breaks to specific businesses [“Impact of tax breaks,” News, May 31].

Kudos for the job creation. However, tax breaks shrink the financial base from which revenue is raised and then raise everyone else’s taxes. Where is the state comptroller’s report on these higher taxes?

Howard Benjamin,


It seems like every big business is getting tax breaks. And I just read about clergy tax exemptions [“Clergy exemption takes $463M off Nassau tax rolls,” News, June 3].

What about us seniors trying to stay in our homes? I am a widow. On the death of my husband I lost my own Social Security check, $8,000 a year. That check helped pay my taxes. I have to put away $1,500 a month for property taxes to stay in my home. Senior citizens need more help with our school, village and town taxes.

I have written to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo many times. Please help. So many of my friends have moved off Long Island or moved in with their children.

Grace Bellomo,

  Port Washington