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Good Morning

Letter:Watergate leaker also broke the rules

President Richard M. Nixon is shown at his

President Richard M. Nixon is shown at his desk in the White House on Feb. 16, 1969. Credit: AP/Anonymous

Had FBI Associate Director Mark Felt been revealed as the leaker who helped break open the Watergate scandal during Richard Nixon’s tenure, would Newsday have written the same kind of editorial as it did about former FBI Director James Comey [“The hubris of Comey,” Editorial, Aug. 30]?

Nixon had defied the law, and rather than let him get away with it, Felt made a moral decision to break the rules and leak information to Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward. For better or worse, Comey made the same moral decision.

Jim Clark, Syosset

New parking lot is not a green move

I commend students and schools that push environmentally friendly programs [“Students push schools to go green,” News, Sept. 3]. These proactive districts and students should cry out when they see others going in the opposite direction.

At Great Neck North High School, the school district plans to pave over a lush green soccer field next to my house to provide more student parking. It already has cut down many trees. This is a double hit: A green space is destroyed, and more drivers will generate more carbon emissions. Opponents of this plan would understand if there were no alternative, but two blocks away is an underutilized school-owned parking lot that students could use.

We applaud school districts that promote preservation and conservation. They are leaders in teaching by their actions.

Annie Mendelson, Great Neck

Editor’s note: The writer is a Great Neck Village trustee.

No wings, right or left, in Catholicism

Memo to Newsday: There is no such thing as a conservative right wing of the Catholic Church [“Pope: Clashes with U.S. ‘an honor,’” News, Sept. 5]. There are members of the Catholic faith who believe in its teachings and those who don’t.

Peter Kelly, Medford