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Good Afternoon

Readers: Stop complaining about bus demolition derby

Junk Yard Dog and the Cheese Box crash

Junk Yard Dog and the Cheese Box crash into each other at the school bus demolition derby at Riverhead Raceway on July 29, 2017. Credit: Marisol Diaz

Regarding school bus demolition derbies, and the anxiety they cause “young, impressionable” students: Are our children so fragile that seeing one of these exhibitions would cause them mental trauma? [“Bus demolition derby a bad idea,” Letters, Aug. 30].

If you asked 100 school kids if they would have liked to witness this event, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find five who’d object.

Adults don’t need to protect children from every little thing.

Rudy Rosenberg II, Carle Place


Please tell me the writer of the letter about bus demolition derbies was joking. I would think that 99.9 percent of students would love the thought of a school bus demolition derby.

If a parent or child is too stressed out at the thought of something like that, don’t attend!

Why complain about something that you don’t actually have to witness?

Brian Hasbrouck, Greenvale