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Letters: Readers tell why they’re unhappy with President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump signs his first executive order,

President Donald Trump signs his first executive order, on the Affordable Care Act, in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington on Jan. 20, 2017. Credit: AP / Evan Vucci

The United States has turned its back on the suffering refugees of Syria [“Court keeps ban on hold,” News, Feb. 6]. Germany has welcomed them. Maybe we should move the Statue of Liberty from the shores of America to the borders of Germany.

Tedd Levy, Bellmore


I’ve been watching with interest the protests and the news coverage of the president’s executive order regarding immigration [“Judges’ ruling deals blow to Trump,” News, Feb. 10].

I’ve not heard anyone address what I think is the real problem: Where a person is from is not the issue. Whether radicalized outside or inside the United States, it’s the proliferation of guns and the ease with which they can be purchased here, by anyone, that precipitates the carnage we witness across the country. That is the issue that demands our concern and action.

Chris Monzert, Lynbrook


Kudos to former acting Attorney General Sally Yates for standing her ground against President Donald Trump [“Justice Dept. not political tool,” Editorial, Feb. 1]. Her instruction to the Justice Department to not defend Trump’s executive order on immigration was very creditable. I wonder whether any of the good old boys will be fired if they disagree with the boss. I doubt it.

Gary Schaefer, Manorville


President Donald Trump’s ways are unprecedented — such as questioning America’s freedom of speech by accusing the media of lying and hiring an aide, Stephen Bannon, who tells the media to “keep its mouth shut” [“Chief strategist knocks press,” News, Jan. 27].

These remarks suggest Trump only supports his own propaganda, mirroring the behavior of a dictator.

Susan Marie Davniero, Lindenhurst


My disapproval of President Donald Trump was published in your letters section [“Coming to terms with Trump election,” Dec. 23].

I stated that the American flag on the pole outside my house would be flown upside down until Trump is out of office. As it turns out, on the night of Jan. 26, or the next morning, someone cut my flagpole rope and took my flag!

I suspect a man who came to my door to ask why my flag was upside-down. After I explained, perhaps he got annoyed because he was a Trump supporter!

On a new rope, my flag went up on Jan. 28 — upside down. I installed a security light. I will not be intimidated by someone who thinks his rights outweigh mine!

James F. Klein, North Patchogue