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Letter: Relative suffering over wage freeze

Nassau County can't freeze wages forever.

Nassau County can't freeze wages forever. Credit: iStock

Regarding "Nassau's long fiscal winter" [Editorial, March 2], here is my opinion as the wife of a hardworking union worker whose salary has been frozen for three years and counting.

Newsday's editorial said, "Those suffering most dramatically from the freeze are police officers." But I think who is suffering the most is relative.

It could be a person stuck with a $50,000 annual base pay, but who has four kids and a wife to provide for, versus a single person who is stuck with the $30,000 base pay of a correction officer, or the $34,000 of a police officer.

I am not picking sides. Bless these courageous correction officers and police officers who keep the citizens of Nassau County safe. But I wish Newsday would focus on other union employees struggling to make ends meet under their frozen salaries.

I wish there were accountability for these elected officials. Where have the savings from the frozen wages gone?

Jennifer Randel, Holbrook