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Report on immigrants overlooks costs

Travelers walk with their luggage after exiting the

Travelers walk with their luggage after exiting the customs and immigration area at the international arrivals terminal at Newark Liberty International Airport. Credit: AP / Julio Cortez

The article “Immigrant loss could have cost” [News, Oct. 14] describes immigrants here illegally who were granted temporary status to remain in the United States.

According to one of the women quoted, a 2001 earthquake in El Salvador has allowed her to stay here for 16 years. That doesn’t seem temporary.

The Suffolk County report, which states that immigrants have been positive contributors to the economy, is naive. Such immigrants can receive public services, public education, in-state college tuition and scholarship grants. Taxpayers pay more for special education and bilingual education.

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, taxpayers in New York pay approximately $5.1 billion a year to support immigrants who are illegally residing in this state, mostly for schooling; these residents pay just $730 million each year in sales, income and property taxes.

It’s time for these people to go back and help improve their native countries.

Robert F. LaPorta, Dix Hills

There’s no need to learn Spanish

Teaching Spanish is not only unnecessary, it’s illusory [“¿Hablas Español? Why not?,” Opinion, Oct. 16]. A common language binds a diverse society.

Second-generation kids who speak Spanish at home learn to speak fluent English in school. That’s the way it has been with every immigrant group. Would the author have had us all learn German, when Germans through the 19th century were the largest immigrant group?

Keith Grubman, Bellmore