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Letter: Runner's cause doesn't motivate

A selfie of Claudio Gonzalez at the finish

A selfie of Claudio Gonzalez at the finish line at the North Pole Marathon in the North Pole on April 9, 2014. His official time was 9:49.37. Photo Credit: Claudio Gonzalez

I read "Running atop the world" [LI Life, April 6], a feel-good story about a man competing in the North Pole Marathon to mark a landmark birthday.

I thought it was pretty cool, how he got started running to lose weight, and how he wants to run on all seven continents.

But when I read that he was running to raise money for victims of the 2010 Haitian earthquake, I understood why he had raised only $300. There was a devastating event much closer to home that Long Islanders can relate to: superstorm Sandy.

This was a nice story for Newsday's LI Life section, but not one to tug on my heartstrings to donate.

John Connors, Massapequa Park