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Letters: School leaders' pensions exorbitant

The U.S. Treasury Department has just given a

The U.S. Treasury Department has just given a tax break and its blessings to retirement savers who want to buy long-term deferred annuities in their 401(k) and individual retirement accounts. Credit: iStock

Regarding "Pensions for educators: 19 of NY's top 20 led LI districts" [News, Aug. 3], this is another reason to consolidate the more than 120 school districts on Long Island.

Huge salaries soak up our taxes, and pensions add to the overall cost over time. Notice that these school administrators all had very long careers. Can a teacher last that long in the classroom?

Roy Sperrazza, Melville

Editor's note: The writer is a retired teacher.

I am a retired postal worker with 34 years of service. My yearly pension is a little more than the top-earning administrator's monthly pension. It is obscene that I have to pay their pensions with my school taxes.

I am a veteran and a senior citizen living on a fixed income. Maybe the career legislators can find it in their hearts, if they have them, to eliminate the school tax portion of the property tax bill for residents older than 70. This would improve the economy by giving seniors more discretionary funds to spend at local businesses and for local services.

I hope the administrators are able to survive on annual pensions of only $300,000, as I am living on a pension of $31,800!

Ed Kollar, Lindenhurst