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Letters: Sending advisers to Iraq a mistake

The official Syrian Arab News Agency released this

The official Syrian Arab News Agency released this photo on June 29, 2014, of government army units riding on tanks allegedly in Zgharo village, where army forces have tightened their control over the Zgharo mountain close to the Latakia countryside. Credit: Getty Images

Two points to make about the 300 soldiers President Barack Obama authorized to go to Iraq: America sent military advisors to Vietnam in the early 1960s to help train Vietnamese troops. Any intention to become more militarily involved was denied. Do I need to say more?

Second, in spite of the trillions of dollars spent, and the thousands of American soldiers' lives lost trying to democratize Iraq -- not to mention the deaths of more than 100,000 innocent Iraqi civilians -- our efforts have not been successful.

It's not worth sacrificing one more American soldier's life to try to make the Iraqi government friendly to the West. Let Iraq have its own religious government, and let America learn how to deal diplomatically with it.

Robert Shorin, Syosset

Obama has told enough lies for his flaming pants to set off the White House sprinkler system. His latest lie was that no U.S troops will be sent for combat to Iraq. He sent 750 troops there to protect the U.S. embassy and advise Iraqis, but about half of the U.S. forces are equipped with Army Apache attack helicopters as well as unarmed surveillance drones.

What else can you expect from a constitutional lawyer who shreds the Constitution? Forget about a lawsuit. It's time for Congress to start impeachment proceedings. President Pinocchio must be held accountable.

Dick Reif, Flushing