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Letters: Shooting spurs political questions

Political donor and developer Gary Melius in unhappy

Political donor and developer Gary Melius in unhappy about remarks made by Nassau's top Democrat. Credit: Melius family

Regarding "Intense probe" [News, March 15] about the investigation into the Gary Melius shooting, scores of detectives from at least three Suffolk police sections and the Suffolk District Attorney's office are involved.

While the shooting is a tragedy, does anyone believe that if it were you or I, these resources would be expended to find our assailant?

Joel Beckerman, Westbury

Nassau County Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs said the Independence Party "stands for nothing . . . and appears to exist only for the financial benefit" of its "formal and informal leadership" ["Harsh words over party," News, March 18].

So precisely how is this different from the Republicans or Democrats?

Doug Augenthaler, Port Washington