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Letter: 'Silent majority' support ed reform

This file image shows teens sitting in a

This file image shows teens sitting in a classroom and raising hands to answer aquestion. Photo Credit: iStock

According to "School debate to shape election" [News, April 30], 2,000-plus demonstrators, many of them teachers, rallied outside a venue in Holbrook where Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo was speaking.

It's sad that Cuomo's attempt to improve education is being met by such raucous, uncompromising demonstrations -- ironically, led by educators. Whatever happened to negotiation? The goal of the demonstrators and their leaders seems to be return to the status quo, which resulted in a majority of graduates who go to community college needing remedial math and English courses.

Obviously, educational goals need to be realistic, and compromises have been made to original Common Core requirements. The teachers union signed on to Common Core goals before they were announced. Now, the union is pushing back.

New York already received Race to the Top money for agreeing to the goals. Now demonstrators seem to want to reject those millions slated for educational improvements.

Massachusetts, Florida and Tennessee have implemented Common Core standards, and their tests show students are performing better.

Unfortunately, the silent majority is not speaking up. Reasonable voices need to push back if our children are going to thrive in a global economy, learn about factual debate in a democracy and be able to recognize emotional manipulation.

Carol Swenson, Lake Grove

Editor's note: The writer is a retired teacher.