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Letter: Skeptical about Jones Beach plan

The Jones Beach revitalization project includes construction at

The Jones Beach revitalization project includes construction at the Jones Beach Lawn at Field 4. The beach seems ready for spring and rejuvenation on March 19, 2014. Credit: Johnny Milano

Regarding "Boost for the beach" [News, March 20], the state is planning to spend $65 million to restore iconic Jones Beach to its original grandeur. State government should never do a project like this unless it's clear from the beginning that residents won't be responsible for failure and have our taxes raised to make it work.

You and I know a $65-million makeover using union laborers will double or triple easily.

Attendance at the beach has been decreasing year after year. Why? The $10 fee for parking is absurd.

I came to Long Island in 1950, put a towel around my neck and thumbed a ride to Jones Beach. Parking was just 25 cents. Lower the fees, and more people will come to enjoy the beach, use the concession stands and raise the revenue.

Life was good then and not expensive, but today people have changed and the government has changed. The beaches are now filthy because people litter, and because there is no enforcement of laws. People abuse the best beaches on Long Island.

Nick Giroffi, Hicksville