Installing solar panels at Brookhaven Calabro Airport seems like a bad idea ["Sites leased for solar panel plan," News, May 7].

There are four runways, and they're all operational. I wonder how much thought went into the placing of these panels? Reflective light from them may interfere with takeoffs and landings.

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As a pilot flying over Brookhaven National Lab, I have seen many times the reflection from the 56-acre field of panels.

At Calabro, the panels most likely would face south to receive the benefit of the longest exposure to sunlight. That would reflect by runway 33. Aircraft lights during a night landing would also reflect back at the pilot.

The Federal Aviation Administration has deemed laser light aimed at aircraft dangerous and unlawful. I believe a study should be done concerning the reflective light of solar panels. I can understand our representatives wanting to get the benefits of the land mass, but certainly not at the expense of pilots' and passengers' lives.

Roy Willis, Massapequa