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Solutions, not just talk, on health care

Hundreds of people stood outside the U.S. Capitol

Hundreds of people stood outside the U.S. Capitol Thursday, to protest the Republican health-care bill as the Senate worked overnight on the legislation. MUST CREDIT: Washington Post photo by Melina Mara. Photo Credit: Melina Mara

Solutions, not just talk, on health care

Recent letter writers have advocated for a single-payer medical plan for everybody [“Medicare works, why not replicate it?” Letters, July 25].

Some states have already tried to implement single-payer. California, for one, has discovered that the pricetag would be an additional $200 billion over the state’s current health care budget of $200 billion.

Not surprisingly, a recent poll found that 75 percent of California taxpayers were opposed to single-payer once they were told about the cost.

A plan floated for New York State would require doubling — or possibly quadrupling, depending on the projection you believe — the state’s current tax burden.

Nancy Buonora, Islandia


The Democrats are almost as bad as the Republicans when it comes to inaction on health care [“Senate revives health debate,” News, July 26].

They should stop waiting around to be included in discussions by the Republicans and look at ways to fix the Affordable Care Act. Now that it’s been in place for several years, we see that there are things that could be improved.

Gail Segui, Port Jefferson Station