Colbert embodies decline of CBS

So, Newsday offers its opinion soapbox to President Donald Trump hater Mike Vogel [“A mighty rise for a kid from South Carolina,” Opinion, May 13].

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Vogel praises TV host Stephen Colbert, another Trump hater, by stating that Colbert “attacked Trump’s excesses head on in biting comedic monologues and skits.”

Vogel barely mentioned that Colbert used the filthiest language to do so, language so foul that it made national headlines. I believe that CBS’ hierarchy and news department allowed Colbert’s diatribe for the sake of higher ratings.

I remember when CBS was the classy network of Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite. How sad to see it hit rock bottom by tacitly accepting Colbert as its new image.

William Schroeder, Rockville Centre