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Tax cut deal: Blame Obama

Regarding "Obama: I didn't betray Dems" [News, Dec. 9]: The disparity between rich and poor is what causes depressions. The last time the rich-versus-poor spread in both income and wealth was so great was the 1920s. President Barack Obama had it right when he told Joe the Plumber that it was better to spread it around. Without a middle class, you lose car buyers, furniture buyers, etc. The Republican demand is not only morally repugnant, it is economic folly.

Many of our taxes are regressive, e.g. the payroll tax, the sales tax and user fees like tolls for government services. The wealthy should pay their fair share for the sake of those less fortunate, but also recognize and repay those who have created the environment in which the wealthy thrive. Bribery and control by and for the rich undermine capitalism and the most efficient direction of financial resources.

Robbing from future generations for the sake of current consumption, again raising expenses and cutting revenue - there is little good about this deal. Having worked and contributed in small ways for Obama's 2008 election, I am very disappointed. I am an independent, a registered Republican, but yes Obama did betray Democrats, and people like me.

Joseph Mirzoeff

Port Washington


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