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Letter: Temporary power jobs are no lure

An aerial photo of LIPA's Caithness facility in

An aerial photo of LIPA's Caithness facility in Yaphank shows the large rectangular parcel about the same size as the plant directly adjacent to the now operating facility on June 6, 2013. Photo Credit: Doug Kuntz

The Caithness II developer estimates 270 construction jobs as one reason to recommend this proposed power plant ["Price of power," News, April 22].

Most jobs are welcome, but these would be temporary. When the Shoreham power plant was under construction, there was a good supply of well-paying jobs. However, they are long gone, and we have the $5-plus-billion bill to pay off.

The moral of the story is, when calculating the positives of the new station, take the temporary jobs off the table because they are a fable.

James Deegan, Wading River