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Just Sayin; Thanks for New York’s law limiting highly tinted windows

A car making a turn.

A car making a turn. Credit: iStock

Tinted windows put law enforcers at risk

I would like to extend a sincere thank you to New York State for passing a window tinting law. This law went into effect on Jan. 1 and states that vehicles’ windows must allow at least 70 percent of outside light to pass through. That matches the federal requirement for carmakers, and it’s meant to keep vehicles with excessive tinting off the road.

Windows that are too dark for law enforcement officials to see through puts them at risk during traffic stops.

As a school crossing guard and bike rider, it’s so important for me to make eye contact with drivers. This is true for all traffic workers.

It’s one step toward making our roadways safer.

Linda Oley, Bohemia

Long Island can take a lesson from upstate

I pay taxes in Warren County, north of Schenectady, as well as in Suffolk County. Medicaid and other New York State unfunded mandates are a big enough issue upstate that my property taxes have for years contained a flier breaking out this portion of the bill, so the inequity can be explained to taxpayers.

Unlike Suffolk, counties in the Adirondack Park region have given up land rights for the common good instead of requiring open-space land acquisition. They don’t pay their police like they’re physicians and don’t sneak taxes in through traffic-control devices. These counties actually try to balance their budgets.

John Forde, Bay Shore

Install manhole covers the right way

I realize that snow, sand and ice cause potholes. But public-works crews place manholes and drain covers three to four inches below the road surface.

I believe they do this either because of a lack of knowledge of how to grade the covers, or laziness.

I imagine public officials would blame a lack of funds or manpower. This is boilerplate for them. Let’s see some action, not excuses.

Jim Silk, Huntington