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The U.S. still uses plenty of fossil fuel

Bob Brown, of Farmingdale, fills up at a

Bob Brown, of Farmingdale, fills up at a gas station in Farmingdale, June 15, 2017. Credit: Newsday File / Johnny Milano

Has Newsday noticed that virtually everyone on Long Island still drives a car powered by fossil fuels?

Based on your Jan. 24 editorial, “Drill, baby, drill is wrongheaded,” expressing concern about plans to expand offshore oil drilling, apparently it would make the editorial board feel wonderful to have someone else in the world provide the fuel for our cars.

However, in case you haven’t noticed, relying on those other countries has created some problems.

Our energy portfolio shouldn’t exclude wind and solar energy production, but to realistically address the needs of Americans, we need fossil fuel. Support for wind and solar as a panacea for all our energy needs is a pipe dream at this point.

Someday we will have the required technology to store the power from the renewable energy sources, but until then, it makes economic, political and military sense to be as self-sufficient as possible in this area.

Roger Halvorsen, Garden City