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To protect children, fence the pool itself

An in-ground pool.

An in-ground pool. Credit: Signature Premier Properties

A Huntington Town official was quoted saying that the pool where 3-year-old twins drowned “met all code requirements” [“Twins drown in pool,” News, July 27].

Newsday reported that the town code requires a 4-foot-high fence around the pool, as well as alarms on doors leading to the pool area. Apparently, the fence can be around the property, not necessarily the pool on that property. This is unacceptable.

How many children have drowned over the years because they lived in the house where the pool met the code requirement of a fence around the perimeter of the property? The fence keeps a neighbor’s children out, but not the homeowner’s.

Our town leaders should address this major blunder before another innocent child is lost. Fence the pool, not just the property.

MaryEllen Murphy-Peck, Huntington