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Just Sayin': Tobay Beach looks 'unkempt'

A Nassau County police helicopter flies low over

A Nassau County police helicopter flies low over waters off Tobay Beach Thursday, July 23, 2015, after lifeguards at the Oyster Bay Town beach spotted what may have been a shark shortly before noon and ordered swimmers out of the water. Credit: Howard Schnapp

Tobay Beach looks 'unkempt'

Why are things at Tobay Beach so unkempt?

Once upon a time, flowers were planted near the concession stands. We had two nice restaurants and a splash area with shrubs that were trimmed regularly. All this is now overgrown and looks like a shantytown.

Areas near the three tunnels that lead to the beach are overgrown with weeds. I'm embarrassed to take my out-of-town guests to the beach!

There's plenty of summer help. It doesn't take three people to check the stickers on the cars. Why can't the town give a rake, a shovel and a budget to have these workers plant some flowers?

We all know, we pay plenty of taxes. Where is this money going?

Our roads are full of potholes, our Island is full of litter and the grass by the parkways is overgrown.

I can no longer brag about the beautiful area I live in. How sad!

Mary M. Deibler, Massapequa

I would like to know whether anyone is addressing the issue of the flooded tunnel to Tobay Beach.

The public has to wade through dirty water to get to the beach. This could be a health issue.

Richard Feldman, Woodbury


Hours of fun with a pink ball 

The old days are gone, and I'm sorry to say they won't come back. I look at the kids today, and all I see is their cellphones attached to their heads.

When I go to the theater, restaurants, even while crossing a busy main intersection, they are always on their phones texting or talking. The only stimulation these kids get is in their fingers. These cellphones have stopped them from all physical activities.

In the early 1950s, being brought up in Brooklyn, I had a Spaldeen instead of a phone. Yes, a high-bouncing, pink tennis ball without the fuzz that had hundreds of uses.

We cut down a mop handle and used the stick for stickball, or we punched the Spaldeen. We would play hit the penny or would just use our imaginations.

A good smack of the Spaldeen could send the ball two sewers -- that was the unit of measure at the time. If the ball rolled into an empty sewer, we would tape a clothes hanger to the end of the stick to scoop it up rather than spend 25 cents for a new one.

Today, if a kid loses his phone, he tells his parents, and they spend a few hundred dollars for a new smartphone. Something is not right. These kids are missing out on what fun and exercise are really about.

Martin Blumberg, Melville



No help with noisy car alarm


A car alarm was going off every 15 minutes all night. So I called 311. After answering several irrelevant questions, I was told someone would respond within 10 days.

Next I called the 105th Precinct. The desk officer ran the plate number, gave me the address of the owner and said there was nothing the police could do if it wasn't sounding off continuously. He suggested at 3:45 a.m. that I go to the house of the owner, ring the bell and report the alarm malfunction. He said that's what he would do in this situation.

Fortunately, I was wise enough to know not to follow his dangerous advice. Needless to say, I was awake all night. There really should be a better way to deal with these disturbances.

Kathy Parent, Bellerose