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Tolerant young people are Barack Obama’s legacy

President Barack Obama speaks during his final presidential

President Barack Obama speaks during his final presidential news conference, in the briefing room of the White House in Washington on Jan. 18, 2017. Credit: AP

Much has been said about the Obama legacy and how much will be dismantled by the current administration [“GOP and NRA asserting themselves,” Letters, Feb. 24]. I see it a different way.

My four grandchildren looked up to and loved a president named Barack Hussein Obama. As a result, they are not afraid of people who might look different or whose names sound a bit strange.

Instead, they are tolerant and inclusive, open to different languages, cultures and ideas. They witnessed a family in the White House that was articulate and intelligent, people who also happened to be African-American.

Unlike the present tenant, who is both vulgar and ignorant, the Obamas displayed an abundance of kindness, integrity and decency.

My oldest grandchild just turned 16, and soon he will be able to vote. This is truly the generation that will make America great, perhaps for the very first time. They won’t need to tweet it or wear silly hats.

They will simply live it, because they’ve seen it. They will be Obama’s greatest legacy!

Diane Smith, Bay Shore