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Traveling by air used to be pleasant

An Avianca passenger rests as she waits for

An Avianca passenger rests as she waits for her flight at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport Terminal 4, Monday, Jan. 8, 2018. Photo Credit: AP / Richard Drew

The once fun, exciting experience of air travel has become an ominous ordeal. I refer to the Jan. 6-8 holiday weekend at Kennedy Airport, and use Delta Air Lines as an example [“Don’t let chaos fly again at JFK,” Editorial, Jan. 9].

My daughter was scheduled to fly to London. With snow from the recent blizzard still fresh on the ground, and the airport still in recovery from the storm, Delta continued to allow customers to check their baggage on Saturday and board flights that had little possibility of taking off. The inconvenience of being stuck at the airport was enough, but then Delta refused to return the baggage, leaving many stranded without essential necessities.

We saw little assistance, conflicting responses and mass confusion. While it is understandable that an airline cannot control the weather, it is inexcusable that its customers be denied their possessions.

As airlines pocket healthy sums for tickets, they attempt to run a crucial public service with bare-bones staffs. Perhaps not only Delta, but all airlines, need to focus on people and not revenue, making air travel pleasurable again.

Elizabeth Aquino, Amityville