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Trump should face a judge’s rage

President Donald Trump speaks with reporters.

President Donald Trump speaks with reporters. Credit: AP / Evan Vucci

It was heartbreaking to read the accounts of sexual abuse of more than 150 young, world class women athletes by a team doctor, Larry Nassar [“A betrayal of trust,” Editorial, Jan. 28].

These women were victimized twice: first by Nassar and then by the sports power structure that disbelieved, discredited and intimidated them. The athletes stood to lose everything they had worked so hard for.

We’ve heard so many stories about the sexual mistreatment of women, including a tape from the “Access Hollywood” TV show in which Donald Trump regaled his host with stories of sexually assaulting women, including what he liked to do to them and bragging about how he could get away with it.

Sadly, he has gotten away with it, but the anger is still out there and rising to the surface. We see this with the Women’s Marches, the #MeToo movement, etc. I would like to see Trump go before Judge Rosemarie Aquilina, the judge in the Nassar trial, and face her rage, disgust and sentencing. Let men like him giggle and tweet their time away in a jail cell, where they are no longer able to assault women.

Lillian Patton, Long Beach