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Two sides of the minimum wage

A pizza delivery persons pay is a combination

A pizza delivery persons pay is a combination of tips and salary, but in New York it must equal the prevailing minimum wage. Credit: iStock


It’s apparent that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and the State Legislature have lost touch with practical reality [“Waging a debate,” News, April 4].

Every increase in the minimum wage results in additional employer payments to Social Security for each employee and to the infamous Metropolitan Transportation Authority tax on total payroll.

Salary increases should be given for individual merit or overall operational productivity improvement. If minimum wages are raised arbitrarily, costs of goods or services charged to customers have to increase or the workforce reduced.

Once these artificial wage increases are implemented, summer workers might find it difficult to find jobs. Hopefully, the state will come to its senses and rethink this legislation.

Rick Outcault, Northport


Regarding the controversy surrounding raising the minimum wage from $9 an hour to $15, a current full-time worker earning minimum wage makes less than $1,500 a month! Think about that. What is the net after taxes?

No one on Long Island can be self-sufficient on that income. And as those raises trickle in over the next few years, you can bet every cent will be spent quickly and locally, and not on frills either.

A couple of pages over from that story in Newsday, I saw an article on a document leak exposing how the wealthy and powerful hide their money [“Document leak exposes wealthy,” News, April 4]. They include heads of governments, drug lords, billionaires. Their practices allow them to dodge legitimate taxes and to launder ill-gotten money.

The contrast made me sick.

Marion Boden, Hampton Bays