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Two views of Donald Trump’s young presidency

The Capitol is seen in Washington, Monday, July

The Capitol is seen in Washington, Monday, July 31, 2017. Photo Credit: AP / J. Scott Applewhite

Democrats just whine and whimper

Has columnist Clarence Page noticed that President Donald Trump gets things done [“When being anti-Trump is not enough,” Opinion, July 27]?

Right or wrong, Trump is undertaking deals that many Americans want accomplished.

Democrats just whine and whimper. To rant that had Hillary Clinton visited key states she would have won is ludicrous. Voters discern from watching TV commercials, listening to party leaders and reading the news. I never heard anyone say he or she voted for a president because the candidate visited the community.

Trump won because he’s not a politician. Democrats first need action, and then people will come to believe in their slogan about “A Better Deal.” However, Trump is way ahead politically. I don’t sense that the Democratic Party can catch up.

Therese R. Rosavitch, Patchogue

Fill in the blanks about our president

I feel as if I’m involved in a bizarre reading of the same Mad Libs form nearly every day with the Trump administration [“Trump presses health agenda,” News, July 31].

Here’s how I see today’s news as a Mad Lib:

One recent morning, President Donald Trump tweeted (fill in the blank: change in policy or opinion on elected official or staff). This tweet caught everyone off-guard.

White House officials, when asked about the (previous answer), confirmed it’s the official position. The (name of affected government entity or person), when asked about the tweet, said they knew nothing about it.

(Name of outside nonpartisan group) responded by (negative verb) (adverb). Meanwhile, the (adjective) (noun) crisis is becoming more worrisome. The White House states that President Trump is (verb) about it and is consulting with the best (plural job title), and a great decision will be made, but the crisis is (proper noun)’s fault.

Later, President Trump goes to (Rust Belt city) for a campaign rally, and then to his Trump golf resort in (state). Update: A few minutes ago, President Trump again tweeted about how he is being treated unfairly about his (noun).

Though this both amusing and fascinating, it’s also absolutely terrifying.

Michelle Interlicchio, West Babylon


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