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Two views of Trump presidency

President Donald Trump addresses the 'Pledge to America's

President Donald Trump addresses the 'Pledge to America's Workers' event at the White House last week. Credit: AFP/Getty Images / BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI

It cracks me up when I hear Democrats have plans to impeach President Donald Trump should they win a majority in the November midterm elections.

What would be the charge? By making America great again in record time, by making every decision based on the best interests of the United States, he has committed the capital crime of exposing the D.C. swamp as the cesspool of corruption that it is and therefore must be punished?

I’d love to see the party that passed on impeaching the last GOP president, whom they claimed lied us into an unnecessary, illegal, immoral and unjust war — the most egregious offense in U.S. history — instead impeach a president who is on a trajectory for Mount Rushmore status.

Eugene R. Dunn, Medford

Why are supporters of President Donald Trump so angry?

Living in a country where everyone has the ability to simply go into a nice store and just look around is a small luxury that tells us: We have good lives. People in many countries don’t. Yes, you can say you don’t care and that you have your own problems. But you have choices. You live in freedom.

The last war on U.S. soil was the Civil War. We never lived under the fear of airstrikes or troops marching in. We have security. We are a rich nation. We are a world power.

Living in a country that has so many advantages gives us a responsibility in the world. It gives us the responsibility to lead, to encourage, to help. Anger doesn’t solve problems. It wastes time and instills stagnation. So, why hold on to to it? Is it making you feel better? Is it making your life better? Is it making your country better? In answer to the last one: No. No, it’s not.

Elizabeth Aquino, Amityville