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Letter: Ugly poles scar Port Washington

Workers replace poles with taller ones on Toilsome

Workers replace poles with taller ones on Toilsome Lane in East Hampton. Photo Credit: John Roca

Your editorial "Paying to bury power lines" [March 28], concerning PSEG Long Island installing 85-foot utility poles in Port Washington and 62-foot poles in East Hampton, states that the only legitimate justification for burying lines "is aesthetics."

Well, aesthetics is exactly why so many residents oppose the poles! Overhead lines have been tolerated for years on Port Washington Boulevard, the main entrance to Port Washington. However, these gigantic new poles have crossed the line from tolerable to outrageous. As you enter Port Washington, they are lined up like sentinels of ugliness before our lovely community.

You fail to mention that this installation was made without community knowledge or any opportunity to question the need for the poles. Are there other solutions or possible locations? PSEG claims this is the best alternative, but it did not give the community an opportunity to make an independent assessment.

PSEG claims that using a path along the railroad tracks is not feasible because access for repairs is difficult. We never had a chance to contest that finding or consider its validity. This plan was initiated to suit the interests and convenience of PSEG.

Joseph Bellon, Port Washington