Good Morning
Good Morning

Underfunded schools raise questions

Over the past few months, teachers in West Virginia, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Arizona have taken bold action in demanding increased compensation and funding for primary education [“Teachers, it’s OK not to be martyrs,” Opinion, April 8]. Walkouts and fierce negotiations have gotten results, not just in funding increases, but also in forcing a debate on the value we place on educating our youth.

I was extremely fortunate to gain a first-rate public education in the East Williston school district, and I benefited from the attention I received from two parents who were teachers. These provided the great gift of being well-prepared to enter college, succeed there, attend law school and then begin my career.

The status quo has failed to provide each student with the necessary ingredients to succeed, and teachers demanding change leave us with some simple questions: How many students do not reach their full potential because their schools lack resources? What is the cost to all of us, morally and economically?

Here’s to hoping these teachers continue their successes.

Peter Fishkind, Roslyn Heights