It seems that Newsday regularly publishes the highest earners in various civil service jobs who work in Nassau and Suffolk counties ["Budget report: Nassau's top earners," News, March 31].

Whether police, sanitation or town workers, they all seem to be raking it in! Two words come to mind: binding arbitration. The politicians are positively frightened of it and then try to tell the voters that the deal they just made with the various unions was a good one.

The leaders of the towns and counties seldom get the current workers to contribute to their pensions or medical coverage. It's always the new hires -- that's if we can afford to hire anyone.

Feckless and frightened. Will Nasaau and Suffolk counties become Detroit?

Bob Andreocci, Huntington

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We need the government to stop this bloated giveaway of our taxpayer money. Soon the Island will be composed of the very rich and the very poor. There will be no middle class anymore.

It is clear why there is a mass exodus from Long Island. I will be very sad to leave my birthplace and home for the last 60 years, but the cost of living here is just too high.

Steve Andersen, Syosset