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Letter: Unions not to blame for economy

The letter "Union wages push LI toward Detroit" [April 8] is yet another unfair attempt to blame collective bargaining for our fiscal woes while giving the real culprits a free pass.

Before the Great Recession, our elected leaders relied on rosy Wall Street forecasts to underfund pension commitments, while granting concessions to buy votes. When the under-regulated finance industry imploded and sucked billions out of our economy, the real villains pointed their fingers at the unions. Sadly, too many folks believed them!

As for Long Island becoming Detroit, some people love to blame unions for Detroit's fall. They never blame the increasing power of the corporate sector and globalization that has driven wages down and jobs abroad in the never-ending quest for more obscene profit. Sadly, we scapegoat those who stand up for working people.

Matthew Schilling, Oceanside