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Good Afternoon

Update codes to require sprinklers

A firefighter in a fire-damaged apartment in Trump

A firefighter in a fire-damaged apartment in Trump Tower on April 7. Credit: AP / Craig Ruttle

I was saddened as I read that one resident lost his life and that six firefighters were injured during the fire at Trump Tower. But my sadness turned to anger when I read that the upper floors, which are residence floors, are not sprinklered [“New push for sprinklers,” News, April 10].

How is it that in today’s day and age, a residence building is not be required to have a sprinkler system? Officials say it was built before sprinklers were required. Would sprinklers have saved Todd Brassner’s life? I guess we will never know.

I extend my condolences to Brassner’s family. Now is the time to change the building code to avoid future deaths.

Chuck Waxman, Floral Park