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Upstate nuclear plants will cost LI

A nuclear power station.

A nuclear power station. Credit: AP / Steve Miller

Upstate nuclear plants will cost LI

Long Islanders do pay far too much for our energy, but not only due to PSEG Long Island’s ads and marketing [“Customer zaps PSEG over $318G mailer,” News, Aug. 10].

New York State decided to bail out four privately owned nuclear reactors near Lake Ontario. The public had no say in this decision. According to the Public Utility Law Project, this will raise energy bills for individuals, government agencies such as schools, and other organizations and businesses by $7.6 billion over 12 years. For residences, this will amount to more than $31 million in the first two years.

Worse, these nuclear facilities present a continuing risk of accidents and are a target for terrorists. Even normal operation emits carcinogens and produces waste that will remain radioactive for as many as 10,000 years — and we still don’t have a plan to store it safely.

Renewable energy sources, such as offshore wind and solar, are safer and better for the environment of Long Island and the state.

Gail Payne, Centerport

Editor’s note: The writer is a nuclear issues chair of the Sierra Club Long Island group.