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Letter: VA hospital treated dad very well

The Department of Veterans Affairs' Office of Inspector

The Department of Veterans Affairs' Office of Inspector General released a preliminary report Wednesday, May 28, 2014, stating the patient care at the Phoenix VA hospital was compromised and that scheduling issues are "systemic" throughout the VA hospital system. Photo Credit: Getty Images / Christian Petersen

The Department of Veterans Affairs has been in the news over problems getting veterans timely appointments and care at VA hospitals ["Senate bill: Add $35B for veterans care," News, June 15]. My father, who recently passed away at 98, was taken care of at the New York City VA, then more recently at the Northport VA. The doctors, nurses and staff were outstanding, providing care that helped my dad live to a ripe old age.

Absolutely change what needs changing, but please give credit where credit is due.

Nancy Kaplan, Shoreham


Overturn ruling on political money


Why aren't there at least 200 co-sponsors in the House to overturn the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision?

Our founding fathers wanted "we the people" to rule our government. The court's 2010 Citizens United decision to set aside some prohibitions on campaign funding has taken that away. Shame on us all that we need a constitutional amendment to give us back what was originally intended.

Laura Matturro, Smithtown


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