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Letter: Vitamins unnecessary for good health

Yellow vitamins of the b-50 vitamin. Purity First

Yellow vitamins of the b-50 vitamin. Purity First Health Products, Inc. Issued a nationwide recall of Healthy Life Chemistry B-50, Multi-Mineral and Vitamin C Products due to a potential health risk. (Aug 16, 2013). Credit: Jeffrey Basinger

I would like to comment on "Vitamin deficiency" [News, June 1]. Ed Scicchitano states that his use of about 20 vitamins daily, along with his diet and exercise, is the cause of his good health and lack of diseases at age 83.

I am 82. I have never taken a vitamin, have had one of the world's worst diets, and the only time I exercised was when I was scheduled for a knee replacement.

I still work as a tax preparer and, during 100 days of tax season, I average 12 hours of work a day. I bowl two to three times a week and have coached junior bowlers for more than 30 years. I never get sick.

If I am used as the proof, Scicchitano's claims about vitamins and his good health are just a lot of hot air. There is no possible way he could prove it, just as I wouldn't be able to prove that my good health is a result of never having taken a vitamin.

Jerry Schreibersdorf, Douglaston