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Letter: Washington Post owner has conflict

Billionaire Amazon founder and Washington Post owner Jeff

Billionaire Amazon founder and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos talks about the history and character of the Post during a dedication ceremony for its new headquarters in Washington. Credit: AP / J. Scott Applewhite

Regarding President Donald Trump’s anti-Amazon tweets: If Amazon exploits the U.S. Postal Service and avoids paying state and local taxes, why does it get $600 million of taxpayers’ money for providing cloud computer services to the CIA and other intelligence agencies [“Amazon criticized, again,” News, April 1]?

The 10-year contract, awarded in 2013, puts all classified data from 17 intelligence agencies on a cloud operated by Amazon Web Services.

This is a radical departure for the risk-averse intelligence community, The Atlantic magazine reported in July 2014. Some serious security mistakes have occurred, which Amazon was seeking to remedy, according to a Washington Post story in November.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos faces a huge conflict of interest. He owns The Washington Post, which covers the intelligence community, while Amazon gets a multi-million-dollar payment from U.S. intelligence agencies.

In addition, the Department of Defense is considering awarding Amazon a 10-year contract for the agency’s information technology infrastructure, according to a nonprofit organization called Less Government.

Why should billionaire Bezos’s company receive one dime of taxpayers’ dough? I hope our president ends this insanity.

Dick Reif, Flushing