It appears the Roslyn Water District has good intentions when it proposes to build a $4-million facility known as an air stripper to treat contamination at a well on Diana's Trail in Roslyn Estates ["DEC to probe Freon in well," News, April 4]. But the story contains a lot of troubling half-truths.

First, as an environmental activist, I know that there are additional concerning substances, not just Freon, in the well. These will be thrown into the air if an air stripper is built, according to official engineering documents I've reviewed.

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I oppose the use of Christopher Morley Park as a location for an air stripper. This is destruction of public forest land, and I find the circumvention of state law on "alienation of parkland" very troubling.

The water district has a second polluted well near Willis Avenue that needs an air stripper tower which, lacking a nearby woods, is expected by officials to be constructed in a residential area. Is this safe?

This may provide a teachable moment about how precious water is, and strategies to conserve it and price it properly. But at this point, it looks like a lesson in haste.

Richard Brummel, Greenvale