We need compromise on health care reform

Op-ed writer Jonathan Zimmerman calls for a bipartisan toning-down of hateful rhetoric and then proceeds to blame President Donald Trump and his supporters [“Name-calling doesn’t bring progress,” Opinion, June 21].

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The hateful speech comes from both sides. Granted, Trump said many things while campaigning that were abhorrent. However, Hillary Clinton said some of his supporters belonged in a “basket of deplorables,” and Rep. Maxine Waters has called for his impeachment.

Does Trump get equal press for all he has accomplished compared to former President Barack Obama? No, because most in the media are liberals and oppose his agenda. So their bias comes out in their reporting, or lack of it.

Obamacare is a failure to many and unpopular. This new bill will have its own issues.

Conservatives and liberals will never agree on health care because they oppose each other’s philosophy. A compromise is in order.

Gregg Freedner, Ronkonkoma