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We need to see humanity in Mideast

A federal policeman takes a break from inspecting

A federal policeman takes a break from inspecting houses during fighting against Islamic State militants on the western side of Mosul, Iraq, Wednesday, March 29, 2017. Credit: AP

We need to see humanity in Mideast

Columnist Lane Filler nails it by stating the unfortunate truth: When tragedies occur, we tend to empathize more with people who look and speak and pray like us [“Every life matters. Is it really true?” Opinion, June 7].

However, I wonder whether we would have a change of heart if the news media covered terror attacks in, say, Afghanistan or Iraq, as conscientiously as they did recent events in England. Do media outlets just assume we won’t read or care about the deaths of innocents in places like the Middle East?

Recall the photo of the dazed and traumatized boy in Syria after a bombing there. Who could look at that photo without feeling sorrow or outrage?

I have experienced similar emotions upon hearing the stories of ordinary Afghans through the Global Days of Listening program, which streams conversations with people around the globe. Young Afghans, despite all odds, strive for peace, equality and climate justice in their war-ravaged nation.

Through our online conversations, I have befriended Afghan Peace Volunteers, a group that campaigns for an end to war in their country. Any frightening news that emerges from their homeland sends me on a frantic search for information. Generally, it’s hard to find.

Susan Perretti, Setauket